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Sep 22, 2017

Affordable housing solutions here and around the world

As Australia sees the rise of homelessness and issues surrounding affordable housing, Deborah Hutton invites full-time property investor, consultant and real estate advisor Ian Ugarte.

As housing affordability continues to be an issue for many Australians, Ian urges us to rethink the Great Australian Dream of the four bedroom, 246sqm home and consider smaller housing and multi-generational living as an option for the future.

One man, five women... One bathroom?

Ian Ugarte and his family are proof that a large family can live happily in a “small” space. To live congruently with his small housing projects, Ian, his wife Christine and their four daughters moved from a four-story, 400sqm home into a two-bedroom, one-bathroom 72sqm property.

From a previous interview on Balance, Ian states:

“What happened in the first couple of weeks, I noticed our interactions had changed. We started to talk to each other, we started to argue more but we had to sort it out because we had to cross paths,” said Ian.

Deb asks Ian how he deals with sharing a small space, and one bathroom with five women and if he ever “wins”?

“I think the answer to that is that you don’t win. The answer to that is that everyone can win as long as you know where you stand,” said Ian.


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Affordable housing solutions here and around the world
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Ian Ugarte is a full-time property investor, consultant and real estate advisor. He is also Australia’s leading micro apartment, rooming house and boarding house specialist. Ian has spoken to over 50,000 people over the past 5 years in the property development, micro apartment and personal development fields whilst also being a private mentor and coach where he is known for his personal style of challenging peoples’ thought processes and perceptions.